Hello, I'm Kate and welcome to my website...

Kate Simpson Fine Artist at her home studio

Since the day I can remember I have always drawn. I was told off in school for drawing in exercise books and, every chance I got, I drew and drew. All types of subjects - everything and anything around me. So many people commented on my drawings I was able to make a little pocket money selling my work and I think my creative entrepreneur was born!.

After studying for my A-levels, I did a foundation degree in Newcastle College where I was given a distinction, I then went to Northumbria University studying Motion Graphics and Animation and was awarded a First Class Honours. 

Upon leaving leaving university, I knew I didn’t want to do anything else, just find a way to keep drawing and painting. As well as selling my own work and taking commissions, I also did some book illustration jobs, designed logos and graphics as well as some corporate commissions.

In 2014, I was thrilled to be shortlisted for the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation’s Wildlife Artist of the Year competition. I didn't win but had a great trip to London and saw my work on show at the prestigious Mall Galleries.

Although I was born in a town, I have fallen in love with living in the countryside. After joining my local young farmers, like every love story. I met my partner Jack. After a few years together we moved in together on Jacks Family Farm. There is an abundance of inspiration in this most beautiful of England’s counties. As I evolve as an artist, I love the challenge of unusual subjects as well as trying to the capture the unique personality that every animal has. 

I know it may seem idyllic, painting and drawing all day, but the realities of making a living as an artist is hard work. I take inspiration from many other artists who have made a success of their business, often through challenging situations. The insecurity of being self-employed and marketing and admin and all those other things that take me away from the studio. However, I do feel incredibly lucky, I love this work and just want to carry on growing and painting and making my customers happy! 

The Gaffa. Front of House. Personal Assistant. My muse…         Ralph!

The Gaffa. Front of House. Personal Assistant. My muse… Ralph!

Getting to know my clients and hearing about the animals is the start/foundation of doing a painting. It’s a collaboration, working it out and explaining the process of getting it from photograph to painting. A favourite project is getting three or four separate subjects and bringing them together in one painting. Some clients find it hard to see what’s possible with commissions, so it’s lovely when I explain how the process works and they get really interested and creative with their own ideas. 

My guide words for life are honesty, trust, a good work ethic and never giving up and I thank my wonderful parents for these qualities. I plan to keep drawing and painting, evolving as an artist and building my career. I never tire of drawing and have so many ideas for the future, including an illustrated children’s book.

As you can see, I'm a bit obsessed with Horses, Corgis and the Farm - when I'm not working, I'm outside either mucking out or helping Jack at home, their is always a job that needs doing! So, please have a look around my site and if you've got any questions about my work, please do get in touch.

Artists Kate Simpson at home with her dogs.
Birds on a wire - painting by fine artist Kate Simpson
Artist Kate Simpson with her horse